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Agenda - Day 3 (13th October)

14:30 | Virtual Networking opens

Join the Networking Hall at any time during the day to meet up with colleagues and explore how to network virtually!

15:00 | Plenary Session: Welcome and 'Leading through uncertain times'

Piers Ricketts, CEO, Eastern Academic Health Science Network,

Nicky Moffat CBE, Leadership development speaker, expert and coach

16:05 | Glimpses of Brilliance

All sessions start at 16:05 and run for 60 minutes.

Norfolk & Waveney ICS - SenseMaker as an evaluation tool for senior leadership programmes

Sandy Oosthuysen

Emma Wakelin

Rosanna Hunt

Exploration of a narrative based tool to evaluate stems leadership programmes

Norfolk & Waveney ICS - Retaining experience to invest in future clinical development – the leadership role // The role of the Legacy nurse in the ICS: recruitment, education and retention

Teresa Coe (Legacy Nurse)

Judy Miller (Legacy Nurse)

Exploring and explaining the leadership role of the Legacy Nurses.

Herts & West Essex ICS - ‘When Soft & Fluffy Met Coronavirus’ - Leadership tools required when a pandemic strikes

Steve Andrews

This session will focus on development of the Care Support Pyramid in Herts and West Essex, and how this construct looks to provide leadership support and development across our system. Fundamental processes to this construct are the leadership rhythm and the 5 questions approach to compassionate management and leadership.

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICS - Leading Beyond Boundaries – a cross system leadership programme

Anita Pisani

Tom James

Launched in February 2020, this place-based leadership development programme brings together enterprising and courageous clinicians and managers across clinical, social care and public health systems to help redesign and lead changes for a better future for local communities. The programme runs in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, BLMK and four other health & care systems in other regions.

Suffolk & North East Essex ICS - Towards a reality of the VCSE sector as full partners in an integrated care system

Susannah Howard, Programme Director SNEE ICS

17:05 | Break

17:15 | Workshops

Note that some workshops start at 17:30 - make a note of the start time of the workshop you plan to attend!

17:15 (90 mins) | The Compassionate Collaborative Leader (Powered by an Outward Mindset)

Alec Grimsley MD of The Arbinger Institute (UK) and Optimus OD Ltd

“What is the mindset that empowers compassionate leadership to drive collaboration and high trust relationships in difficult times”

Join Alec Grimsley (29th Sept and 4th Oct) and Gillian Campbell (13th Oct) who are two of the UK’s most sought after speakers and facilitators on the subject of mindset and culture. Between them they developed, coached and facilitated 15 NHS exec teams, 3 ICS/ICP’s and over 7000 NHS leaders and clinical professionals have attended their workshops.

The Outward Mindset has been implemented within 20 NHS and social care related organisations for developing compassionate and collaborative leadership.

On this workshop they will share two distinct mindsets from which people and organisations operate - a self-focused Inward Mindset and an others orientated Outward Mindset™.

The flow of this 90 min session will include:

17:30 (60 mins) | How to develop collaborative system working through the lens of coaching

Patricia Ezechia

Coaching is now an integral part of empowering and developing individuals and teams to successfully embrace and embed complex organisational change. In this interactive session led by Career, Resilience and Wellbeing Executive Coach Patricia Ezechie, we will be exploring how as senior leaders within your organisations you can champion and encourage the adoption of a more coaching culture, and how this can be transformative in supporting the transition to a successful Integrative Care System.

17:15 (90 mins) | Career Development Workshop

The East of England Talent Team members:

Wendy Parry, Associate

Pat Cotton, Regional Talent Lead

Are you considering your own career next steps or wanting to support others in their journey…. This session will encourage you to explore key principles and tools related to career development and provide an opportunity to reflect on your own career journey and what makes a good career conversation

17:30 (60 mins) | Impact leadership for innovation: Key leadership skills to support you and those you lead as we rebuild from the pandemic

Helen Oliver, Eastern ASHN and the Moller Institute

While the effects of the pandemic continue to pose significant challenges across health and social care, there is an opportunity for innovation to support our recovery and the reimagining of services. Leadership skills will need to flex to ensure to support the workforce to think differently and explore the opportunities which innovation brings. Led by the Moller Institute and Eastern AHSN the interactive session will explore what conditions leaders can set in order to create an innovation ready system and in doing so will provide delegates with valuable insights into the leadership skills that matter most when we innovate.

17:15 (90 mins) | Leading for Change – Patients partnering and collaborating with the system

Trevor Fernandes, Chair of EoE Citizen Senate, member of the NHS Strategic Coproduction group and Peer Leadership Development Programme

Mark Doughty, Co-founder and Director of the Centre for Patient Leadership, Senior Consultant Leadership & OD The Kings Fund

EoE Citizen Senate believes that the integration of care requires a new relationship between the healthcare system and patients, citizens with lived experience and their communities. The Leading for Change programme was designed to support the development of this relationship.

This workshop will cover the following:

17:30 (60 mins) | Paving the future together: using AI to restore care in healthcare

Dan Bamford, Director AI Award

Piers Ricketts, CEO Eastern AHSN

An integrated UK health and care system has the potential to become a world leader in developing and using AI-powered tech for improved health, wellbeing and healthcare systems for all our citizens. To achieve this it will be key to work together to accelerate the incorporation of AI to give people working in health and care the gift of time.

This session will delve into the large scale efforts of the NHS AI Lab to create an AI pipeline - from the AI Awards, to understanding how these projects are tested and evaluated. As well as providing an insight into some local AI pilots of relevance from Eastern AHSN and giving delegates the opportunity to ask questions.

Leaving the session delegates will understand more about the potential of AI to help them in the roles and how to drive the safe and ethical adoption of AI solutions to support our health and care recovery.

17:15 (90 mins) | Building Resilience for NHS Leaders

Tara Elie, Bailey & French

In this workshop we will explore what we can do to support ourselves and others to remain resilient in the face of challenges. Using a positive psychology approach, we will explore and unpack the PERMA model of wellbeing. PERMA stands for positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment; all factors that have been found to be important for supporting wellbeing and boosting resilience. We will share the latest research relating to each of the five pillars of the PERMA model, as well as practical hints and tips that people can put into practice for themselves, in order to boost their resilience and wellbeing. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore each topic in more detail in breakout rooms.

17:30 (60 mins) | How the Police Force are developing personal resilience

Martin Brunning, Detective Chief Superintendent, Head of Professional Standards Department, Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Constabularies.

Martin has been working with university of Durham to create strategy for high resilience in the police service. Some of which focuses on creating the right environment/organisational resilience needs.

17:30 (60 mins) | Curious Conversations

Afua Adom, Award-winning journalist: CNBC, Yanga! TV, ARISE News Contributor: BBC, ITV, CNN, Channel 5.

Opinionated, charismatic, and provocative – Afua Adom is one of the leading voices on diversity in Britain.

The session will be a facilitated conversation with Afua on how we can take about race and racism in a progressive way. The conversation will explore questions why people still feel uncomfortable talking about race and culture and the steps we can all take to become actively anti-racism.

18:00 | Virtual Networking Closes